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2 Across "2 ACROSS" SPELLS SMART HUMOR By Chuck Graham, Invisible Theatre has a tasty morsel in "2 Across" by Jerry Mayer, directed by Gail Fitzhugh. Even though we pretty much always know where this train ride is taking us, the ride is still a lot of fun. We enjoy "2 Across" because there are funny jokes told by people with substantial personalities. Read the entire review here:

3-letter word starting with 'f'

3-letter word starting with 'f' Kathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Friday, November 12, 2010 Director Gail Fitzhugh has delivered a well-timed, tightly focused production of this Jerry Mayer script. It bops along nicely, with so many laugh lines that there's hardly time to breathe between them. It helps that the actors in this two-person cast know what they are doing. Maedell Dixon and David Alexander Johnston slid into their characters with ease. If you're up for an evening of comedy, get on board. This lightweight play is serious fun. Read the entire review here: Review of "2 Across" at Invisible Theatre, Tucson, AZ

Crosswords offer clues to life in '2 Across'

Crosswords offer clues to life in '2 Across' : " Kathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Friday, November 5 [Playwright] Mayer, now 79 and retired from his last studio job as executive producer on 'The Facts of Life,' went after writing plays with the same gusto with which he had pursued television writing. His play '2 Across' opens at Invisible Theatre next week. It is one of eight plays he has written and had produced; he's working on his ninth. "2 Across" is about a man and a woman who meet on a subway train at 4 a.m. (Mayer took a trip to San Francisco and hopped a BART train at that hour to make sure it is plausible that two people could be alone on the train at that time - it was). They are both working on crosswords - she is focused and precise, he is the opposite. When the crossword becomes too much for him, he turns to the sports page. She takes him to task, and a ride that sees deep changes in both of them begins. On the f