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Faux Bard of 'Premier!' tickles | Invisible Theatre

Faux Bard of 'Premier!' tickles | Invisible Theatre A fun script and one of Tucson's favorite actors Posted May 5, 2011, 7:33 pm Dave Irwin The Invisible Theatre production of “Premier!” is billed as “a charming comedy.” And it certainly is. It also has just enough gravitas in its post-modern musings to make it a bit more than that without interfering with the laughs. Read the entire review here: Faux Bard of 'Premier!' tickles


ART IMITATES SHAKESPEARE IN "PREMIERE!" by Chuck Graham Any actor will tell you light comedy is as difficult to pull off as heavy drama. To draw out those gentle laughs while maintaining a buoyant congeniality is to walk a tightrope high above the crowd, that little internal gyroscope spinning faster and faster -- all the while charming everyone with a warm and winning smile. "Premiere!" ups the ante by also asking the actors to keep everyone's attention by talking about how there's no such thing as art. Dallas Thomas generates a magnetic presence as Rebecca, the wife of grumpy albeit very successful playwright Gil Fryman (Robert Anthony Peters). She gets in some convincing mood changes as the ambitious woman who encourages her husband to pass off his work as Shakespeare's own. Then gets antsy when the high-falutin' scam looks like it might actually work. Also making a big impression is Victoria McGee as Professor Justinia Hawkins, th