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This ain't your mama's Tupperware party, honey; it's Dixie's all the way | ®

This ain't your mama's Tupperware party, honey; it's Dixie's all the way ® Accent This ain't your mama's Tupperware party, honey; it's Dixie's all the way By Kathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star Tucson, Arizona Published: 09.19.2008 The world has gone all topsy-turvy. Once upon a time, a play was a play, and a Tupperware party was a Tupperware party. Not so at Invisible Theatre, which opened its season Wednesday with "Dixie's Tupperware Party." At least there's truth in advertising there — you may be expecting a play, but this is most definitely a Tupperware party. Only you pay to get in. No food is served. No alcohol, either. And you are sitting in a dry-cleaning shop turned theater, not a friend's living room. OK, there are a few other differences. Not many Tupperware salespeople refer to the product as "crap." Or have an X-rated sense of humor. And most parties aren't hosted by someone as entertaining

'Tupperware Party' resealable fun on stage

'Tupperware Party' resealable fun on stage 'Tupperware Party' resealable fun on stage CHUCK GRAHAM Tucson Citizen Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Like sell Tupperware, which is Dixie Longate's main passion even when she is onstage presenting "Dixie's Tupperware Party," a satirical comedy written by Kris Andersson. This talented lady can't decide if she is a performer who sells a little Tupperware on the side, or if she is a star Tupperware sales rep who does a little performing on the side. Not that it matters. Invisible Theatre has booked three weeks of Longate's entertaining sales pitches on stage and seductive Tupperware displays in the theater lobby. There is simply no doubt Dixie and Tupperware go together like ham and eggs, steak and potatoes, tofu and veggies. You know. . . "When I started out, I didn't know anything about Tupperware. But I always loved parties. I know how to bring the fun," Longate enthus

'Dixie' promises to flip your lid | ®

'Dixie' promises to flip your lid ® Accent 'Dixie' promises to flip your lid Stories by Kathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star Tucson, Arizona Published: 09.12.2008 "Hello?" I recognize the airy voice with the Southern accent right away. It's Dixie. I had spoken to her not an hour before about "Dixie's Tupperware Party," which she stars in and is bringing to the Invisible Theatre. The production here launches the show's national tour. "May I speak to Kris Andersson?" I ask. Andersson is the creator of the show. He's also Dixie, a Tupperware salesperson disguised as a sassy, irreverent, ribald broad in a gingham dress, red wig, garish lipstick, and a deliciously over-the-top personality. "Oh, this must be Kathy," Dixie says in her sweet-yet-kinda-deep voice. "Kris is helping me pack for the tour. I'll get him." She steps away from the phone and sings out, "Kris, it's for you."

Tupperware for your pleasure - WildLife

Arts Preview - WildLife Tupperware for your pleasure By: Theresa Keeney Issue date: 9/10/08 Section: WildLife Dixie Longate isn't your average Tupperware lady. From the bedroom to the kitchen, she'll teach you how to use Tupperware in ways you've never dreamed of. Dixie is the Tupperware lady from Mobile, Ala., who needed a job after getting out of prison in order to regain custody of her three children. Her parole officer suggested she start selling Tupperware. At "Dixie's Tupperware Party," audience members can actually purchase the Tupperware Dixie sells. And she sells a lot. She was recently named the No. 1 Tupperware seller in this country. "It is an enhanced Tupperware party, filled with heart, and lots of products and lots of hairspray," said Susan Claassen, managing artistic director of Invisible Theatre. Oh, and if you think that you need to be able to bake something to use her products, you might be in for a little surprise. Dixie's sel