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Outfront Laughs and Backstage Truths at IT

Outfront Laughs and Backstage Truths at IT by Chuck Graham Let The Show Begin "Don't Talk To The Actors" has become a huge hit for Invisible Theater, 1400 N. First Ave. Now the company has added another week of performances, extending the run until June 7. This energetic comedy by Tom Dudzick, directed by Susan Claassen, takes us deep into the creative process percolating backstage as a young, new playwright gets his first crack at having on a show on Broadway. A long time ago I had a tee-shirt that read (in French) "Art is a dirty business, but somebody's got to do it." Dudzick is committed to that idea, and has a great deal of fun showing us why. Jerry Przpezniak (Eric Schumacher) is the young writer, just arrived in New York's theater district from the untrammeled upstate hinterland of Buffalo. In tow is his girlfriend Arlene (Dallas Thomas), heart all aflutter because one of her favorite actors from girlhood has been cast in a leading role. Arlene (D