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If laughs are birdies, 'Fox on Fairway' gets plenty

If laughs are birdies, 'Fox on Fairway' gets plenty Kathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star There's no way around it: Golf is funny. The concept - hit a little ball with a skinny stick and try to get it into a tiny hole far, far away - is just plain ludicrous. And do this while not hitting the ball into sand traps, water hazards and your fellow golfers? Please. And then there's the clothing: bold plaids and loud colors are preferable. So it's no wonder that playwright Ken Ludwig opted to use the sport as the basis for his comedy "Fox on the Fairway," which Invisible Theatre opened Wednesday. ... Director Susan Claassen knows her comedy and she shaped a play that was easy with the laughs and polished enough to gloss over the script's rough spots. She had a cast that helped immensely. Read the entire review. here:  If laughs are birdies, 'Fox on the Fairway' gets plenty


BIG LAUGHS IN THIS "FOX" By Chuck Graham, “Stop making sense,” David Byrne so famously said, “And go see ‘The Fox on the Fairway’ at Invisible theatre.” Well, no, he didn’t say that last part. But it is still excellent advice. A cast of wild and wacky actors led by director Susan Claassen have unleashed one of the most enthusiastically uninhibited productions this company’s stage has seen in quite a while. Making sense is never required. In fact the less you think about the logic in this comedy of bad bets, broken hearts and tacky fashions, the better. Ever wonder what it would look like if a very proper lady accidentally let a raw oyster slip down the front of her dress? You won’t be wondering any longer. Ken Ludwig (“Lend Me A Tenor,” “Moon Over Buffalo”) is the playwright here, with farce on his mind and garishly garbed golfers in his gun sights. Ludwig himself says “farce, essentially, is broad comedy.” If this “Fox” was played any more broa

Invisible Theatre opens 'The Fox on Fairway,' a wry shot at golf

Invisible Theatre opens 'The Fox on Fairway,' a wry shot at golf : Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star Ken Ludwig knows from funny. His plays, such as "Lend Me a Tenor" and "Moon Over Buffalo," have kept audiences chuckling across the country and around the world. ... Ludwig's "The Fox on the Fairway" opens at Invisible Theatre next week. It's an over-the-top look at the game and the people who play it. Read the entire preview here:  Invisible Theatre opens 'The Fox on Fairway,' a wry shot at golf