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Noir-ish spoof next for Invisible Theatre | ®

Noir-ish spoof next for Invisible Theatre ® By Kathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star Tucson, Arizona Published: 11.28.2008 A boozy blonde, a lounge lizard named Buddy Toupee, and a private detective who drops lines like "And then she was gone. Trailing perfume like a whispered prayer." Now that would be enough to sign us up for a look-see. Add music and we're there. That's what you'll get with Invisible Theatre's "Gunmetal Blues," a musical detective spoof with Sam Spade-ish lines, a Lauren Bacall-esque seductress, and a host of minor characters familiar and funny. The show, directed by Gail Fitzhugh, opens in previews on Wednesday. "Gunmetal" is the brainchild of Scott Wentworth, with music by Craig Bohmler and Wentworth's wife, Marion Adler. Wentworth's first career is as an actor (he was nominated for a Tony in 1989), his wife's as a singer/actress. At first Wentworth, who penned the book for the musical in the

'Gunmetal Blues' film noir on stage

'Gunmetal Blues' film noir on stage November 26, 2008, 11:16 a.m. CHUCK GRAHAM Tucson Citizen Film noir isn't just on film anymore. Invisible Theatre has mounted a rainy night black-and-white production of "Gunmetal Blues" perfectly cast with Tucson's matinee idol Armen Dirtadian as the troubled private eye and Betsy Kruse-Craig as the doll. Private eye Sam Galahad (Armen Dirtadian), is a sucker for a mysterious blonde (Betsy Kruse Craig) in "Gunmeal Blues." Although both singing actors are best known for their heroic performances at The Gaslight Theatre over the years, don't mention the G-word to either one. They start shaking their heads and waving their arms. "This is nothing at all like Gaslight," says Kruse-Craig, looking alarmed that anyone would even ask. "There's a lot more to the story, and this is a much more intimate stage." For the torch songs in "Gunmetal Blues" the cozier stage means a more sensual,

Happy Thanksgiving from IT!

Happy Thanksgiving from In the spirit of the holiday season, why not join us for a "delicious" mystery! Millionaire Adrian Wasp is found dead. A mysterious blonde is seen leaving his penthouse. Can detective Sam Galahad find Wasp's missing daughter and only heir? Or is she better off lost? The answers await you at ... GUNMETAL BLUES December 1 - December 21, 2008 The Invisible Theatre continues it's 38th Anniversary season with GUNMETAL BLUES by Scott Wentworth with Music and Lyrics by Craig Bohmler and Marion Adler. This is a stylish musical murder mystery directed by Gail Fitzhugh with its own witty and jazzy spin on the Hollywood film-noir genre. Not only is it in the tradition of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler but is also an homage to the art of theatrical storytelling. All of the characters are played by three actors! IT's cast features Tucson favorite's Armen Dirtadian as the handsome gumshoe looking for a lost heiress, Betsy Kruse Craig as the