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LOVE COMES TO ALL AGES IN "SOUTHERN COMFORTS" At Invisible Theatre LOVE COMES TO ALL AGES IN "SOUTHERN COMFORTS" by Chuck Graham If you think the dating game is complicated for young people, consider the dimensions of effort required to maneuver around decades of past experience -- plus respecting the feelings of grandchildren as well as children, maybe stepchildren, and all the other baggage of life while falling in love at age 72 or older. Even if both members of this new coupling have only had one husband or wife before, expectations can get pretty tangled. That's the premise of "Southern Comforts" by Kathleen Clark, just opened at Invisible Theatre. This gentle romantic comedy tweaks the emotions in unexpected directions as two strangers deep into their senior years meet sweetly over a televised baseball game. She stops by his northern New Jersey home to ask for a contribution to charity. He's watching baseball. She loves base

'Southern Comforts' seductively charming | ®

'Southern Comforts' seductively charming | ® Published: 11.06.2009 'Southern Comforts' seductively charming By Kathleen Allen ARIZONA DAILY STAR The North and South are at it again. It's not quite a civil war in Kathleen Clark's "Southern Comforts," which Invisible Theatre opens next week. But it is a bit of a war between two septuagenarians, she from the South — Tennessee — he from the North — New Jersey. They fall in love, but it ain't easy. Amanda (Maedell Dixon) and Gus (Douglas Mitchell) star in the Invisible Theatre's production of "Southern Comforts," a romantic comedy. Tim Fuller / Courtesy of Invisible Theatre "Southerners are a little bit more spirited," Clark explained in a phone interview from her New Jersey home. "Northerners are a bit more staid." Clark knows what she's talking about — her family is a big mixture of people from both parts of the country. The No