Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sibling rivalry lives in 'Dancing':

Sisters vie for late mom's attention at Invisible Theatre premieres comedy

Sibling rivalry lives in 'Dancing'

Tayler Wancour For The Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Thursday, February 2, 2012

Death doesn't always kill the need for mom's approval.

In "Look Ma We're Dancing," two adult sisters fight over their dead mother's affection.

Funny moments, sibling rivalry at its finest and family issues take center stage in the Janet Neipris play, which has its world premiere at Invisible Theatre Tuesday.

"The humor is in the characters, and then it has moments that are poignant where it moves the audience. I love that combination," said playwright Neipris, chairwoman of the Dramatic Writing Department at the Tisch School for the Arts at New York University.

IT collaborated with Neipris for about two years on "Look Ma We're Dancing." The company has been producing Neipris' work since she was straight out of graduate school.

Her last play at IT was "Natives" in 2008.

"Look Ma ..." "is an intimate play about two sisters with universal themes," said Susan Claassen, IT's managing artistic director who also has a lead role in the play. These themes include family, sisters pulling apart and coming together and unconditional love.


Sisters so close, it's hard to tear them apart: Burney Starks, left, Susan Kovitz, Susan Claassen and James Blair in "Look Ma We're Dancing."

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