Saturday, February 11, 2012

'Look Ma, We’re Dancing' is gentle Jewish-centric comedy | The Invisible Theatre:

The Invisible Theatre

'Look Ma, We’re Dancing' is gentle Jewish-centric comedy

Play is a funny, acerbic exploration of sibling rivalry

Feb 9, 2012
Dave Irwin

The Invisible Theatre’s latest play, “Look Ma, We’re Dancing,” is a gently acerbic comedy of sibling rivalry. The protagonists are two grown-up hyper-competitive New York Jewish-American princesses. We watch as they try to reconnect to their individual lives and their sisterhood following the death of their mother — the glue that had held their family together.

Tim Fuller/Invisible Theatre

From left, Burney Starks, Susan Kovitz, Susan Claassen and James Blair star in The Invisible Theatre's production of 'Look Ma, We're Dancing.

Vi, played note-perfect and knowingly by IT artistic director Susan Claassen, arrives in Montana to surprise her sister, Franny, played by Susan Kovitz, before Franny’s upcoming wedding…

Playwright Janet Neipris provides a funny, well-written slice of life that feels all too true…

Gail Fitzhugh’s stage direction was clear and takes full advantage of Claassen’s stage-savvy and mugging skills. Also notable is the efficient and effective set design by Claassen and Blair, who is also IT’s associate artistic director. The slick transition of the small IT stage from the Missoula set to the New York set with just a few hinged panels actually earned a round of applause during intermission from the opening-night audience.

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