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'In the Mood' romance, laughter and fun

By Regina Ford Green Valley News
Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nothing lifts the spirit more (and doesn’t induce a hangover) than escaping with a bit of comic relief. That’s exactly what Invisible Theatre offers with its current stage production of “In the Mood.”

This light romantic comedy by Kathleen Clark is staged in a posh, high-rise Manhattan apartment. For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting IT’s founder, you won’t at all be surprised at how bold the set for “In the Mood” is and really comes to life. Claassen, herself, is larger than life in her attire and her stage is just a vibrant. The woman knows color. Claassen forever turns heads. She and James Blair designed the set and transformed her intimate theatre into an incredible luxury NYC apartment — heavy on the black, white and red . It’s simply striking. The apartment even has a (sometimes) working elevator upstage center, which is intentional and part of the script. This is all good, but then again, so is the cast.

Sally (Polly Schiltz) foreground, attempts to help her friend Perri (Betsy Kruse Craig) and brother Nick (Bruce Morganti) with a surprise party but ends up adding to chaos in this romantic comedy by Kathleen Clark.
Arizona Daily Wildcat :: Acting profs set right tone
By JASON KRELL Published September 15, 2011

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of the Invisible Theatre before, unless you’re a theater student at the UA. This is an egregious error. Sadly, many students fail to appreciate the benefits that theater can offer. Might I suggest spending a night seeing “In the Mood”?

Not only was it fun to see UA professors practicing what they preach in the classroom, but the show itself was phenomenal. It seems ridiculous not to find anything that could use improvement, but “In the Mood” really covered its bases.

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Arizona Daily Wildcat :: Acting profs set right tone

Saturday, September 10, 2011

In the Mood Review


by Chuck Graham,

With I.T.'s own Susan Claassen directing, "In the Mood" takes us back to those delicious times of words with bite. The director has found the perfect couple to portray the casual grace we associate with the art deco elegance of penthouse living. These two have so much chemistry together, they deserve to star in their own play.
Sleek and statuesque Betsy Kruse Craig swirls with the intensity of a self-made woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Equally affecting is Bruce Morganti, the cool one. He's the freshly pressed guy who acts like he couldn't care less, but beneath that nonchalant exterior he's always thinking two moves ahead of everyone else.

'In the Mood' fast-paced fun with delicious dialogue, sets
Kathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Friday, September 9, 2011

There are many things remarkable about Invisible Theatre, but this one always astounds:
The big sets on the tiny stage.
Not big in size, but big in concept and execution. That stage is constantly being transformed in impressive ways.
And so it is with "In the Mood," which the company opened Wednesday.
This is a fast-paced comedy with delicious dialogue by Clark, seamless directing by Claassen, and actors who embrace the froth with a giddy sense of delight.
"In the Mood" will put you in the mood for some hearty laughter and good fun.

Jack Neubeck, as an actor hired to pretend he's a carpenter, and Polly Schlitz, as the pianist with a scheduling conflict, are among the stellar cast of Invisible Theatre's "In the Mood."

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'In the Mood' ready, after many tweaks

'In the Mood' ready, after many tweaks

Kathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Friday, September 2, 2011

A playwright's work is never done. At least that's true for Kathleen Clark, who wrote Invisible Theatre's season opener, "In the Mood."

The play had its premiere at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in Stockbridge, Mass., last month.
And still, Clark is tweaking it. And so is Susan Claassen, who is directing the comedy.

Socialite Perri (Betsy Kruse Craig) is preparing a surprise party for her husband when her old beau Nick (Bruce Morganti) shows up in the romantic comedy "In the Mood."

"I think what happened at Berkshire was that our aim was to try to get the comedy working, and we achieved that goal," Clark said.

"But then some of the emotional world got lost, so Suz and I are putting back in some of the emotional world of the characters, and deepening it a bit. It's a play with a lot of comedy now, not a farce."

And a play that Claassen definitely wanted to stage.

She loves "the sparkling charm of the piece, and though it is reminiscent of a Philip Barry play, it had a contemporary feel to it," she said, referring to the playwright of many sophisticated comedies, including "The Philadelphia Story," during the first half of the last century.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


In The Mood

  • By Chuck Graham
"In the Mood" by Kathleen Clark has been a work in progress, and it may still be one. Clark isn't sure. Invisible Theatre's own Susan Claassen is directing the production of "In the Mood" that opens here Sept.7 to kick off the venerable company's 41st season.
"In the Mood" is set in a very upscale penthouse apartment with its own private elevator. The story begins with a woman (Betsy Kruse Craig) planning a surprise birthday party for her husband (Kevin Black). When the elevator gets stuck with her unsuspecting husband inside, the dominoes begin to fall.
This high-rise tale turns on mistaken identities, infidelity, a stressed out marriage and love lost…then found. "In the Mood," is described as "a charming comedy that sings with witty repartee and sparkling humor."

Also in the cast are Jack Neubeck, Lori Hunt, Bruce Morganti and Polly (Bourke) Schlitz.
Clark will attend the opening night performance at Invisible Theatre on Sept. 7, then on Sept. 8 lead a post-show discussion describing how her play made that evolution from the page to the stage.
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In The Mood