Friday, October 28, 2011

Take a peek inside the actors' studio
AZ Daily Star, "Circle Mirror Transformation" Preview:

No need to be insider to enjoy play focusing on accepting yourself

Take a peek inside the actors' studio

The play takes place in an acting class at a small community center in Vermont.

But don't let that scare you.

"People may think you have to be an insider" to get it, says Betsy Kruse Craig, who is directing the Annie Baker play.

"But it's so not about an acting class. It's about accepting who you are."

It's sort of a motley crew that has signed up for the class: a high schooler who longs to play Maria in "West Side Story"; a man struggling to get over a divorce; an actress who never made it in New York; and the husband of the woman teaching the class (at the urging of his wife, no doubt).


"Circle Mirror Transformation" stars Molly McKasson, center, and, clockwise from McKasson, Brian Wees, Carrie Hill, Lucille Petty and James Henriksen.


"Circle Mirror Transformation" snagged an Obie Award, the annual Off-Broadway Theater Awards from the Village Voice, last year and it has been making the rounds at theater companies around the country since.

The script has received raves wherever it's played.

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