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Uplifting vignettes dedicated to mother

Uplifting vignettes dedicated to mother:

REVIEW Uplifting vignettes dedicated to motherKathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star September 8, 2011
... "Motherhood," a mash-up of monologues by a very impressive list of contemporary playwrights, took us from birth to almost every significant event in a child's life - playground rifts to sex talks to graduation, birth again, and, finally, mothering our own mothers. [Susan] Claassen smoothly wove the pieces together, creating an entertaining 90 minutes of wispy storytelling. Read the entire review of "Motherhood Out Loud" here: Uplifting vignettes dedicated to mother Barbea Williams is one of four cast members in "Motherhood Out Loud," presented by the Invisible Theatre. The show is way, way inclusive on the various aspects of motherhood.

Invisible Theatre opens 42nd season with 'Motherhood Out Loud'

Invisible Theatre opens 42nd season with 'Motherhood Out Loud' Southwest premiere of multi-authored salute to moms
Posted Sep 5, 2012, 4:30 pm Dave It’s a show with more writers than actors. “Motherhood Out Loud” is a celebration of all things mom. The show was created as a collaboration of more than a dozen writers from theatre, television, fiction and non-fiction to create a broad, diverse panorama of the motherhood experience. Beginning this week, the Invisible Theatre is presenting the southwest premiere of the show.
Tim Fuller/Invisible Theatre Lori Hunt, Susan Kovitz and Barbea Williams in 'Motherhood Out Loud.' Read the entire preview here: Invisible Theatre opens 42nd season with 'Motherhood Out Loud':