Review: Invisible Theatre's "Olive and the Bitter Herbs"

Review: Invisible Theatre's "Olive and the Bitter Herbs"

By Kathleen Allen Arizona Daily Star

Oy vey. There is a mighty unpleasant woman on stage at Invisible Theatre. And funny. And annoying. And funnier still.
That would be Olive, given a very funny turn by Susan Claassen in IT’s production of Charles Busch’s hodgepodge comedy, “Olive and the Bitter Herbs.” Olive is the washed-up and very grumpy actress who lives alone in her New York apartment and does everything she can to run everyone she can off.
Here’s a rundown of the play, the production, and all that jazz.
Olive (Susan Claassen), the original star of the "Gimme The Sausage" commercial sees an image in the mirror within the mirror that sets off a chain of mad-cap events! -- Credit: Tim Fuller

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