Golf Goofiness | Review | Tucson Weekly

Golf Goofiness | Review | Tucson Weekly:

Invisible Theatre closes its season with a wacky touch

 tell you, those folks at the Invisible Theatre have no fear. Far be it for them to be dissuaded from producing a full-out farce, complete with a sizable cast chasing each other and doing pratfalls and other broad physical comedy stunts on a stage the size of a beach towel.
Last week, IT opened its last show of the season, a truly silly, old-style comedy, The Fox on the Fairway by Ken Ludwig. The resulting laughs—and groans—are abundant. ...
This kind of show requires a director who can choreograph the actions of the characters carefully and deliberately and orchestrate a pace that builds and swells as the complications grow. Veteran Susan Claassen understands this well and does a good job directing traffic with farcical finesse. She also is not afraid to utilize some cheap comic tricks, but usually does so knowingly, with a wink-wink implied.
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Jack Neubeck and Lori Hunt in The Fox on the Fairway.

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