Invisible Theatre opens 42nd season with 'Motherhood Out Loud'

Invisible Theatre opens 42nd season with 'Motherhood Out Loud'
Southwest premiere of multi-authored salute to moms

Posted Sep 5, 2012, 4:30 pm
It’s a show with more writers than actors. “Motherhood Out Loud” is a celebration of all things mom. The show was created as a collaboration of more than a dozen writers from theatre, television, fiction and non-fiction to create a broad, diverse panorama of the motherhood experience. Beginning this week, the Invisible Theatre is presenting the southwest premiere of the show.

Tim Fuller/Invisible Theatre
Lori Hunt, Susan Kovitz and Barbea Williams in 'Motherhood Out Loud.'
Read the entire preview here: Invisible Theatre opens 42nd season with 'Motherhood Out Loud':

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