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Tim Clue popped into town ...
09/21/2009 10:18 AM
Kathleen Allen

Sunday to catch a performance of the play he and his partner Spike Manton penned, “Leaving Iowa.” The comedy is currently at Invisible Theatre in a production starring Roberto Guajardo (full disclosure here: he’s my husband and I think he’s brilliant), Terry Erbe, David Johnston, Lori Hunt, Victoria McGee and Susan Kovitz. In this picture, Clue’s the one seated second from left.
[Tim Clue (second from left, seated), with cast crew, etc, of Leaving Iowa.]

Clue and the cast and crew popped into Pastiche after the show, and he gushed about the Susan Claassen-directed production, insisting it was one of the better ones he had seen of it.

It is quite funny. And not just because my husband’s in it. Claassen used a restrained hand in directing a play that could have been over-the-top sentimental. Instead, it hits much harder because it is so much more subtle and heart-felt.

Clue, an actor, comedian, screen writer and playwright, hopes to see this play transfer to the big screen. He meets next month with actor Jeff Daniels, who founded the Purple Rose Theatre – the company to first stage “Leaving Iowa.”

Just think … you can say you saw it here first.


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