Celebrate 'The Blond Bombshell' at Marilyn events | Culture

Celebrate 'The Blond Bombshell' at Marilyn events Culture

Published: 01.01.2009

When memories just aren't enough, taking in a tribute performance can be nice. When one's memories get to be more than 50 years old, what brain doesn't appreciate a nostalgia-boosting experience to relive the excitement of the times when cars had fins and there was only one way to make a martini?

Sunny Thompson stars in Invisible Theatre's
"Marilyn: Forever Blonde!"

One of the hottest buttons for dream date fantasy was Marilyn Monroe, a pop culture icon still sweet enough to be the girl next door, even after she became the bride first of Joe DiMaggio and then of playwright Arthur Miller. Another part of the legend is that alleged link between Monroe and President John F. Kennedy. And who mysteriously snatched away her address book after she died?

How did she keep that glow alive for so many influential men? There will be insights aplenty in a trio of events celebrating the mystique of Marilyn Monroe, beginning Wednesday with a special program at the Loft Cinema, "Gentlemen Prefer Marilyn." A screening of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1953) will be combined with a Marilyn Monroe look-alike contest (of course), in which both genders are encouraged to indulge their "inner Marilyn." Additional prizes will be awarded during the preshow Marilyn trivia contest and everyone will be encouraged to sing along to additional numbers from other Monroe movies.

Admission for the 7:30 p.m. event is $6.
A fundraiser for Invisible Theatre, aptly titled "The 'Marilyn Merlot' Wine and Dine Fundraiser," is Jan. 9 at Pastiche Modern Eatery, 3025 N. Campbell Ave. Music will be by singer Joe Bourne and pianist Rob Boone. Tickets are $125. Wines, appetizers and desserts will be served.

The weekend of Jan. 10-11 will be given over to a fully-costumed stage production of "Marilyn: Forever Blonde!" featuring Sunny Thompson at Invisible Theatre, 1400 N. First Ave. All tickets are $42. For additional details, 882-9721, www.invisibletheatre.com

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