Thursday, June 28, 2007

Invisible Theatre to host LA's award-winning Charles Phoenix

Tucson Theatre Announcements List: Tucson: Invisible Theatre to host LA's award-winning Charles Phoenix

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My Dear "Funny" Friends,On July 1 at 3 PM an extraordinary humorist and entertainer is coming to Tucson. That's right, the Invisible Theatre will host LA's award-winning Charles Phoenix. You ask ...
Who is Charles Phoenix?
From the kitsch to the classic, Charles Phoenix loves to celebrate mid-century design and culture. His passion combined with his thrift shop-found vintage 40s, 50s, and 60s slides developed into crowd-and-critic-pleasing live slide show performances. SRO audiences on both coasts are delighted by Phoenix’s unique ability to point out the hysterical and historical, the ironic and the iconic
“He joyfully mines America’s past through its fashion and design…” â€" New York Times"Our most favorite cultural anthropologist!" â€"LA City Beat

BOOK YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW FOR THIS NOT-TO-BE-MISSED TRIP!Please give Phyllis a call at 520 882-9721 for your special internet price!
See You Sunday!!With appreciation,SuzP.S. Remember, friends don't let friends miss great shows!
Check out the Charles Phoenix website and Chuck's article in the Tucson Citizen for additional information